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Executive Summary
What is Treecle?

Treecle is a Platform DApp that provides used car sales and various vehicle services using blockchain technology to provide transparent and reliable information.
Treecle is a compound word from “tree” and “vehicle”, and it was established to absorb nutritious data from its roots and grow into a healthy tree, to provide and share the fruits of information with many users.

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Treecle Service

  • Used Car Sales
  • Vehicle History Management
  • Vehicle Parts Management
  • Foreign Vehicle Purchase & Auction
  • Reward-based Racing Game

Used Car Sales

Blockchain technology within the used car sales platform provides transparent and reliable information and prevents false registration and abnormal information by disallowing modification, forgery, and alteration of vehicle and dealer information posted on the site. Also, vehicle history can be stored within the blockchain hash value to distinguish from stolen, flooded, and accident vehicles. Users are rewarded with MCP* when registering reviews, dealer ratings, and vehicle history within the DApp, and users can use MCP or TRCL Token in the Treecle Project ecosystem. Blockchain technology also provides convenience for the sale of vehicles by allowing sellers, buyers, insurers, and capital companies to play their roles simultaneously.

Vehicle History Management

By storing the history and record of one’s own vehicle within the Treecle DApp blockchain, the user can seek to maintain and increase the integrity and value of the vehicle. The user can also keep track of regular maintenance and lifecycle of parts, etc. to maintain the vehicle in the best condition. It also assigns unique block chain nodes to the odometer installed in the vehicle and allows users to record and view the information through the DApp or the Web.

Vehicle Parts Management

Treecle assigns a hash value for each vehicle part at its production to accurately track the distribution record of the parts and check their authenticity through the blockchain. It also records the part information in the block chain within the Treecle DApp, leaving a track record of each part as it passes through certain stages. Users can simply enter the unique ID of each part in the DApp or the Web to see which center the part was distributed through. As such, the blockchain allows the distribution records of the parts to be accurately tracked and the authenticity of each part to be checked.

Foreign Vehicle Purchase & Auction

As the demand for foreign vehicles increases year by year, the Treecle DApp provides secure and fast car trading services to vehicle buyers. Overseas remittance can be done in TRCL Tokens, which reduces unnecessary exchange fees, and simplifies and expedites the process. When bidding for a foreign car auction, allowing to bid for a car using TRCL Tokens removes the impact of foreign exchange rates since TRCL Tokens can be used globally, unlike traditional currency. When bidding for a foreign car auction, allowing to bid for a car using TRCL Tokens removes the impact of foreign exchange rates since TRCL Tokens can be used globally, unlike traditional currency.

Car Game

Reward-based car racing game within the Treecle DApp plays a role in controlling the supply and demand of the TRCL Token and helps gain users of all ages around the world wide. The hash values of in-game vehicles, items, and characters will also be stored in the blockchain to enable the exchange and trade of such vehicles, items, and characters between users. Users with good performance and high level of activity in the Treecle racing game will be rewarded with My Car Point (MCP) with proportion to their ranking and level.

Treecle DApp


The Smart Used Car Trader


Get Rewards for Sharing!!


Used Car Trader and Maintenance Tool in ‘Blockchain!’


The Revolution for Car Platform

TRCL Market Price


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Token Generation Event

The issuance of Treecle (TRCL) Token is for the development of the Treecle DApp and its ecosystem, and the users can participate in token generation events through its remittance and exchange. The total number of tokens to be issued is 2 billion.
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Road Map

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Sean Kim
(Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University)
前 KEB외한은행
In soo Hwang
現 EPS인베스트먼트 투자심사
前 BXOO 대표이사
前 NEXT Nature Network 연구원
Terry Kim
M.I.T (MssachusettsInstitute of Technology)
2018 의회 앱 챌리지 캘리포니아 28 구역 1위
Rhea Park
Designer & Developer
Chung-ang University
Kyu Min Lee
Pai Chai University
Sueng Hun Lee
Semyung University
Eric Seol
Cheongju University
한국공항 공사
Marketing Manager
(Deepton Soft Marketer)
한국 산업인력공단
Jason Gang
Dongguk University
KPC 한국 생산성본부
Amy Kim
(한국방송광고진흥공사 광고교육원)
Owen Yoon
Web Designer
Kookje University
You Jong Lee
前 저축은행 지점장
前 인베스트먼트 저축은행 부회장
Sim Gyun Gang
現 남동모터스 이사
現 비어로쏘 이사
Im Chul Park
前 금융감독원 국장
前 한국예탁결제원 전무이사

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